Fairways Debt allows to associate debt instruments with the relevant underlying assets, and to set covenants on them. To do so, Fairways Debt’s financing transactions gather debt instruments and the underlying assets with optional specific clauses applying to them.

Covenants are based on ratios calculated from data arising from debt instruments and the underlying assets. Fairways Debt can trigger alerts if these ratios reach a given threshold or value.

All the debt instruments available in Fairways Debt – including credit derivatives – can be used in financing transactions. However, please note that only actual transactions will be taken into account for analysis purposes.

Input Form

The input form to create new financing transactions contains the following fields (the detailed description of all fields can be found in the Reference page).


Field Comments
Name None.
Owner Only entities in the current organization that the current user can manage.

The following fields are available once the financing transaction is created:


Field Comments
Asset Asset to be financed

Debt Instrument

Field Comments
Debt Instrument Debt instrument to finance the asset

Assets and debt instruments can be removed from the financing transaction.
Asset and debt instrument lists can be exported.

Financial Covenants

In Fairways Debt, covenants fix specific conditions which the borrower is required to fulfill.

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