2016/08/08 - Fairways Guarantees - Back on the Blog!

After a long (but busy :-) silence we are back on the blog! This quick post summarizes some of the features we have been working on for the last few months. Below this post you will find the article on the split of the creation dialogs for issued and received guarantees that we release tonight. More articles detailing what we quickly list below are in the pipe!

First things first we released a brand new Audit Module that allow users with the right credentials to check what was done in the system (who/what/when).

We then added a handful of new indicators in the Analysis Module (available both on the guarantees and Fees reports) and some currencies that were missing as well (we now support 98 currencies!).

Next we took some time to improve the various massive integrations (and added more intelligible validation messages along the way) while continuously improving the service performances and stability.

Last but not least we are still working on the requester module and, while we are not there yet, we aim to have something nice ready for the end of this quarter. Stay tuned!

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