View the Request Information from the Dashboard


Contact your Finance Active consultant to enable your access to the Guarantor Portal module.


Navigate to the Guarantor Portal Dashboard
  1. Log in to your Fairways Debt account and select a customer account, if relevant.
  2. Navigate to Applications Applications.png > Guarantor Portal.


View the Request Information from the Dashboard

The dashboard shows the requests submitted from the clients and their processing status.

By default, the dashboard lists first the requests whose assignee is the guarantor and the status requires an action from the guarantor (New, In Progress, Instructions Provided and Approved).

In the context of an amendment request, the amount displayed on the dashboard can be positive or negative.


It presents the following features:




Select a specific client to display only the corresponding requests.


Search for requests by:

  • Request reference
  • Corporate guarantee reference
  • Guarantor guarantee reference

Drag a column header to move the corresponding column from left to right and vice versa.

Click the funnel icon on a column header to define sorting criteria.

Sort data in columns. Click a column header:

  • Once, to sort by ascending alphabetical or numerical order. An arrow directing to the top ↑ displays beside the sorted item.
  • Twice, to sort by descending alphabetical or numerical order. An arrow directing to the bottom ↓ displays beside the sorted item.
  • Three times, to cancel sorting. No arrow displays.


Choose the data to display on the dashboard by selecting/deselecting the relevant columns in the expanded panel (e.g. the request reference, the request author or the request with a new comment).


Export the list of the requests either in .xslx or .csv format.


Click a row to open the corresponding request and view the details.

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