Submit a Release Request to a Guarantor

  1. Contact your Finance Active consultant to enable your access to the Guarantor Portal module.
  2. Create a Guarantee.


Navigate to the Guarantees
  1. Log in to your Fairways Guarantees account.
  2. Navigate to Guarantees.
  3. Open the relevant guarantee.


Access the Guarantor Portal
  1. Click Actions.
  2. Select Guarantor Request below Guarantor Communication entry.
    Note: The Guarantor Request entry is only enabled when the following conditions are fulfilled on the guarantee:
    • This is an issued guarantee
    • The guarantee status is among the following ones: Accepted, Controlled, Effective
    • The principal, the effective date and the type of commitment are specified
  3. Select Release Request on the popup window.
    Note: There can only be one ongoing request at a time. A new release request can only be created when the ongoing one is either in the "Processed" or "Rejected" or "Cancelled" status.


Submit a Release Request to a Guarantor
  1. Complete the form with all relevant details.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.





Main characteristics of the related guarantee.




Select the entity assuming the debt obligation for the request.

Due Date

Indicate the date by which the release request must be processed.

Release Date

Indicate the date requested for the release.

Guarantor Guarantee Reference

Enter the reference of the guarantee for the guarantor.

Release Number

If needed, edit the number of the release.

Note: There can only be a single ongoing release request for the guarantee.
This number is automatically fulfilled by Fairways Guarantees. The value of the highest existing release number for the guarantee is automatically incremented by 1.

This number can be manually updated with a value strictly greater than the highest number already in use.

Release Type

Release Type

Specify whether the request concerns a full or a partial release.

Release Amount

Specify the amount for a partial release. The value must be lower than the one for the current guarantee amount.

Fairways Guarantees automatically calculates the new guarantee amount.

Release Reason

Specify the reason for the release.

Release Instructions

Instructions / Comments

Enter specific instructions or comments related to the request.


This section includes all the documents linked to the request and available for both the internal parties and the guarantor.

Attach documents to the request on the Documents section. To do so:

  1. Click Add document.
  2. Specify the fields on the popup window as follows:
    • Label: enter a label for the document
    • Type: select the type of document
    • Visibility: select the document visibility. The shared documents are visible by the guarantor whereas the internal documents are only visible by the internal parties.
    • Description: enter a description for the document
  3. Browse a path to upload a file or drag-and-drop a file in the dedicated area.

    Note: The file size must not exceed 10 MB.

  4. When the uploaded document is in DOCX format, you can select the Collaborative option if you wish to allow all parties to update the content.
  5. Click Add.

Note: A new shared document is instantly available to the guarantor.

Download all the documents on the Documents section in a ZIP file by clicking on Download all.

Click a document in the list on the Documents section to get further information on a dedicated window. You can then:

  • get a preview of the document (except for documents in DOCX format)
  • view and edit the main characteristics. The updates can be tracked on the History panel.
  • when the collaborative mode has been enabled for a document in DOCX format, get a preview and update the content in a built-in text editor mode. It will then be possible to convert to PDF the updated version.

    Note: The document must be locked in the text editor before performing changes.

  • download the document

Submit a PDF document shared by the guarantor for electronic signature on the Documents section. To do so:

  1. Click the signature icon on the line of the document in PDF format shared by the guarantor.
    Note: The signature icon is only displayed when:
    • the document is in PDF format
    • the document has not been sent for electronic signature yet
    • the document has a shared visibility
  2. Specify the fields on the popup window as follows:
    • Signing Order Subject: enter a signing order email subject
    • Signer Email: enter the email address of the document's signer
    • Signer Name: enter the email address of the document's signer
  3. If necessary, click Add new signer to enter another recipient of the signing order.
  4. Click Send.

The document signing order is then sent to the signer by the electronic signature partner. The signer receives the email and then electronically sign via this partner.

You can track the signature status of a document in the list. It can be either:

  • Pending: the document has been sent to the recipient(s) but not yet signed. The signature icon on the line of the document is no longer displayed.
  • Signed: the document has been signed by all the recipients. It cannot be submitted again for electronic signature.
  • Rejected: at least one recipient has declined to sign the document

The status is updated automatically on a daily basis at 12 PM and 10 PM (UTC+1:00).


Any document on this section can be downloaded.

Any document shared by the guarantor cannot be deleted (whether this document is in collaborative mode or not).

Any internal document can be deleted. The content of a collaborative internal document can be edited but only the characteristics of the non-collaborative internal document can be edited.

Any internal document can be shared.

You cannot delete or edit the characteristics of a non-collaborative document you added and shared to the guarantor once the expected actions were performed and you reassigned the request to the guarantor.

You can edit the content or delete a collaborative document you added and shared to the guarantor at anytime.

  1. Click Add: the request is then created at the Draft status.
  2. Confirm the request on the status area and click Send.
  3. If necessary, enter an external comment shared with the guarantor in the update status window then click Confirm: the request is then submitted to the guarantor and switches to the New status.


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