The Dashboard

When you log in to Fairways Guarantees, the dashboard displays.



The dashboard is divided into three sections:

Today Situation

The dashboard provides a global portfolio overview at the current date and for the allowed perimeter.

It shows:

  • Effective guarantees: Count of effective and releasing guarantees
  • Expired guarantees: Count of expired but not closed guarantees
  • Pending guarantees: Count of accepted but not effective guarantees

Requested, incomplete, rejected and closed guarantees do not display in the dashboard.

The overview shows the outstanding amount and the number of related guarantees.

The outstanding amounts displayed on the dashboard are converted into Euros according to the current ECB rate provided by Finance Active.

An Expiry Profile of Issued Guarantees

This chart displays the expiry profile of issued guarantees over 3 years, including the current calendar year.

This profile is based on nominal expiry dates: if this information is missing, the outstanding amount does not change over time and the expiry profile may be distorted.

A Calendar

The calendar lists upcoming third party and guarantee related events so you can project actions to perform:

  • The nominal expiry date
  • Edits in the outstanding amounts
  • Reminders
  • Etc.

Click an event to open the relevant data profile.

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