Share a Report Template

In Fairways Guarantees, after creating a report template, you can share it with other users. Other users can then use your template to generate analyses, without having the permission to edit it as only the owner can manage it.




Navigate to the Analysis Section
  1. Log in to your Fairways Guarantees account.
  2. Navigate to Analyses.



Share a Report Template
  1. Click Manage Sharing Options Lock.png.

Note: You can only manage your own report templates, i.e. the report templates you have created.


  1. Select a sharing option.
    1. Private: Only the owner can access the report template.
    2. Public: All users of the account can access the report template.
    3. Restricted to: Selected users can access the report template.
  2. Click Validate.


In this example, our template is shared with all users of the account, so the icon has been unlocked.



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