Transaction Workflow

Workflow Description

To book a transaction into the system, follow this standard workflow, which applies to all transaction types:

    1. From the Portfolio page, select the transaction type to book. A form displays and to enable you to create a simple flavor of the transaction.
    2. The new transaction is added to the Draft Portfolio. Draft transactions are instruments whose configuration is not yet completed, or that have not been validated.
    3. In Draft mode, refine the configuration of the transaction using advanced options (custom amortization, tranches, special fixing rules, etc.).
    4. Add the transaction to the Actual Portfolio, or save as a simulated transaction for further use in the reporting and analysis pages.
    5. You are not able to change the configuration of the transaction, unless you send it back to draft mode. Manage all the following transaction updates through Workflow Actions.
Workflow Rules
  • There are three statuses: draft, actual and simulated.
  • It is impossible to switch a transaction from Actual to Simulated, and vice-versa.

Some transactions have subtransactions attached to them:

  • Issuing Programs
  • Credit Facilities
  • Municipal CP Program
  • Purchase Orders

These transactions follow specific workflow rules:

  • A parent transaction can never be switched to Simulated once an attached transaction was created on it.
  • When switching from Draft to Actual, switch the parent before switching the attached transactions.
  • When switching from Actual to Draft, switch the attached transactions before switching the parent.
Transition Summary

Workflow transitions depend on the original status of the parent and attached transactions.

Possible transitions for attached transactions:

Attached Transaction / Parent Transaction Draft Actual
Draft Draft > Simulated

Draft > Simulated

Draft > Actual

Simulated Simulated > Draft Simulated > Draft
Actual N/A Actual > Draft

Possible transitions for parent transactions:

Attached Transaction / Parent Transaction Draft Actual
Draft Draft > Actual Actual > Draft
Simulated Draft > Actual Actual > Draft
Actual N/A N/A
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