Fairways Debt uses an internal market data and pricing engine called Top Ten, which provides all financial calculations over the platform.

The system retrieves market data at least four times a day from various data providers. Data is then benchmarked and adapted for use on the platform.

Top Ten provides the following services:

  • Fixing history for all major IR indexes and swap rates
  • Fixing history for all major FX rates
  • Forward curve for all major IR indexes and FX rates
  • Yield curve for major currencies
  • Pricing tools for loans and derivatives

Detailed information about indexes, providers and data retrieval frequency are available upon request.

Top Ten adopts a conservative approach to pricing. If a price cannot be calculated, no approximation is performed, and the price remains null.

If you change the market date, you can review the market conditions of the given date (including forwards).


See the Market section for more details.



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