2018/10/10 - Fairways Guarantees - Partial Release

Until today Fairways Guarantees was handling the evolution of the amount of a guarantee through a unique action. Whether you wanted to increase or to decrease the guaranteed amount you had to use the same action (with the new input reflecting your intention). That behaviour was, and still is, fine for most of our users but it has two consequences:

    • First it is impossible to capture the intent of the action
    • Second, it is impossible to allow a user to do partial releases only

Considering those two points and based on your feedbacks we decided to split the action in two new different actions. One will let a user manage the partial releases while the other will allow for amount increase. Each action will have its own credential that can be authorized for any given role in the administration section. That means that you will soon be able to allow some users to manage partial releases while not letting them increase the guaranteed amount or vice versa. As a benefit we now have a specific action for partial release and we can log it accordingly in the audit trail!

The first part of the feature, a specific action for partial release, is available right now. All roles who were allowed to manage the guaranteed amount now have the right to manage partial release meaning that all users with such roles will see the new action as depicted below. Of course the form will check that it is really a partial release by preventing the input of an amount greater than the one at the modification date.


The new partial release action in action



The dedicated form will ensure that the new amount is less then the current one


What’s coming in the next release (scheduled for next Monday)?

    • The dedicated action for amount increase (with specific validation)
    • The enforcing of the two new rights in the batch update of the guaranteed amount
    • The removal of the old action to be able to capture the intend of the user when he edits the guarantee


As usual let us know what you think of this evolution using the contact form on the right side of the service! We love to hear from you!

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