2018/09/25 - Fairways Guarantees - Purpose Code Available for Automatic Reference Generation

As you probably already know Fairways Guarantees can generate a unique reference when you create new guarantees.
Of course the generated reference is sure to be unique but more importantly it lets you enforce a naming pattern (ex. 2019-09-xxx).

The feature is already much appreciated but you asked us to improve it by adding the support of the purpose code in the reference patterns.
We listened. And we did. So from now on it is possible to have the purpose code in the generated references.

You will find below the information that were (and still are) available already available in the reference generation:

    • The current year (“2018” for “2018/09/25”)
    • The last two digits of the current year (“18” for “2018/09/25”)
    • The number of the current month (“09” for “2018/09/25”)
    • The number of the current day (“25” for “2018/09/25”)
    • The code of the applicant or of the beneficiary
    • The code of the applicant country or of the beneficiary country (ex. “CH” for Swiss)
    • And three different counters to have various counting patterns (Global, Issued, Received)



Ex: You could have the system using a pattern like “YEAR-APPLICANT_COUNTRY_CODE-PURPOSE-CODE-GUARANTEES_COUNTER_1_####” to have reference like “2018-CH-BID-0072”.

The patterns are configured on your account by your consultant. Let him/her know if you want to configure a specific pattern if it is not done yet or integrate the newly available purpose code in existing ones! You can ask him to reset the counters as well if you want to start anew (for a new year for example) or to start from a specific index.

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