2014/09/23 - Fairways Guarantees - E-Cautions

Koesio is now able to integrate guarantees straight from e-cautions, Vialink’s dematerialised guarantee service. This rather technical feature allows our mutual customers to benefit from faster integration times, error-free data and, ultimately, reports as accurate as it gets.

Thanks to Koesio / e-cautions integration feature you can:

    • Create guarantees
    • Update the guarantees already stored in Koesio
    • Set parameters in a very flexible way (everything is done in Koesio, no dual configuration mechanism is required)
    • Make use of an effective “preview step” notifying users of incomplete configuration or errors
    • Access integration reports showing the undertaken actions (available as an excel file as well)
    • Notify users when manual update is required (when Koesio doesn’t have enough info to do it automatically)




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