2014/10/15 - Fairways Guarantees - Maintenance

The list isn’t exhaustive but let’s mention:

  • [NEW] Contacts are now available on the organisation entities
  • [NEW] Third parties massive update using our 1.2.3 process (cf. xls file upload)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Performance improvements
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Back office and user management improvements
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Better handling of the EUR-XAF/XOF exchange rate
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Filters using deleted properties are buggy (at least)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] The payments schedule is not always displayed in the guarantee detail
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Guarantee input improvements (more controls, better handling of input errors…)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Two applicants in the filter criteria (the entity and the user). Labelling has been clarified.
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