2014/10/30 - Fairways Guarantees - Massive Integration and Update Improvements

A refactor is, in our domain, a technical redesign of one or more features that is done without impacting the said functionalities from a user point of view. It might be strange for outsiders but software is aging as we add more and more feature and code that was great when first released could be an issue as it grows. Refactor is one of the way developers can maintain and improve a system without disruptions for their users (hopefully :-). More than often a refactor is an opportunity for small improvements, at least technical, or is the first step to allow nice evolutions.

For the last few weeks we fully refactored all our massive integrations / updates:

    • Organisation update
    • Third parties update
    • Guarantees integration
    • Guarantees information update
    • Guarantees amounts integration
    • Guarantees spot fees integration
    • Guarantees recurrent fees integration
    • Group exchange rates integration and update
    • E-cautions guarantees integration and update



You will notice that we did split Spot and Recurrent fees integration to favor simpler excel templates. Thanks to this refactor we were able to spend some time to fiabilise even more the integration process, improve the naming and enhance the information provided by the integration reports (remember that you can download those reports by clicking the excel button above the report table).

Please note that in all those massive integrations, Contact or Comment related columns are not update on existing contacts/comments but refers to new contacts and comments.

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