2014/11/06 - Fairways Guarantees - Document Generation

As of July, 25th 2017 we have replaced the cumbersome MergeField mechanism by a simpler ${FIELD_NAME} tag that you simply type in your document. It speeds up the process and ease the maintainable of the templates a great deal! You can see the new posted on July 2017 to get more information on this evolution.

*We are proud to announce that Document Generation is now available directly from Koesio in early access! It is now possible to generate documents using your own templates (saved as docx files) completed with the information of a given Guarantee.

Creating a template is a 3-step process

    1. Create your template using word and save it in docx format (cf. MergeField in Microsoft Word, the list of supported fields is available from the Template Library)
    2. Once completed, upload your new template in Koesio and give it a name explaining its purpose (ex: “GUARANTOR A \ FRANCE \ BID”)
    3. Access the details of a Guarantee and generate the document using the dedicated link in the Actions menu on the right





    • Create your template in word as you would do for any document (including the formatting)
    • For each information that you want to get from Koesio you create one “MERGEFIELD” (see the screenshot for a quick intro to Word’s MergeFields). Of course you have to specify what information from Koesio should be put in which MergeField.





  • If needed you can get a list of all the currently available information directly from the template library.












As usual we have more to come on this subject and, as mentioned in the beginning of this post, this feature is in Early Access. It means, basically, that the feature will still evolve, that we can change our mind and that, more importantly, we are eager to hear from you! A page will soon be dedicated to this feature in the documentation module.

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