2014/12/11 - Fairways Guarantees - Minor Improvements

On top of the enhanced perimeters and the new calendar this release brings a few improvements and bug fixes such as:

    • New currencies (well, for Koesio): ALLBWPCRCSYPTZS and VND
    • New countries or region for finer qualification: Over fourty added (Antartic, Groenland, Puerto Rico…)
    • Integration results of 1.2.3 integration were sometimes missing the reference of the updated item
    • E-cautions integration improvements (we now detect the € 1 guarantees as expected)
    • A new report has been added on the evolutions of the received guarantees
    • The daycount convention Act/365 (Exact/365) is now available for the fees
    • and few more…



As usual Koesio is your service and we are eager to hear from you! Tell us what you think and what we should or shouldn’t do!

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