2015/02/10 - Fairways Guarantees - Contacts in Document Templates

We recently introduced document generation in Koesio (see the news published on 2014/11/06). To make use of this feature, all you have to do is to create your own templates by using a classic Word document (saved in docx format). The template will contain merge fields specific to Koesio (you can get a list of the available fields directly from the “Template Library” module). Finally, you just need to access a guarantee to generate a document from one of your templates and Koesio will retrieve all the information needed in your template. It is so simple that, once your templates are ready, document generation is two clicks away!

We are quite happy with this feature and the feedback we got from you let us think that you like it too. Still, we had one recurring question: “How can I specify a contact to be used when generating the document?”. The answer was pretty straightforward: “You can’t”. However, we have listened to you and we are very happy to announce that Koesio is now able to insert your contact information in generated documents.

Firstly, let us mention that it was not such a simple feature to add, because you can have up to five different entities involved in a guarantee (each one being part of your company or one of your third parties) and, for each of these entities, the number of contacts can vary from none to … many. Once we got there, the question became “How will Koesio decide which contact(s) should be used when generating a document?”. Our answer was simple: you will tell him what to do!!!

How does it work ?

  1. Koesio automatically detects contact-related fields in your templates
  2. When you generate a document using a template with “contact fields”, Koesio asks you which contact should be used (of course, if your template refers to a contact field from the applicant and, say, one from the guarantor, two contacts will have to be specified)
  3. Koesio will extract the information from the selected contact(s) to generate the document.



This solution:

    • Allows you to use contact(s) in generated document
    • Does not force you to assign contact(s) to guarantees (and to manage them)
    • Allows you to decide at the time you generate the document (and not before!) which contact(s) should be used. This adds to the flexibility of the features and will allow you to send the document to another contact should the usual one be unavailable for any given reason (vacations?)



As usual, let us know what you think of this new feature using the dedicated Contact form.

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