2015/02/13 - Fairways Guarantees - New Password Rules

Your password is your open sesame to Koesio and to all the data available in your account. As you know, we take great pride in our systems’ security and thus it is of upmost importance that your password is complex enough to ensure the safest possible access (and sorry to say it but ‘password’ or the name of your firstborn are not secure passwords :-)).

To help you in this matter, we decided to add new requirements for a password to be considered valid in Koesio. This new policy is enforced as of today and the screenshot below shows the new rules:


Please keep in mind that a good password is a private one. Do not give it to anybody. Ever. For example, we will never ask you to tell us your password! If you need to give access to Koesio to someone, please create a new account. Shared accounts are huge security holes as it is no longer possible to trace who did what when an account can be used by more than one user.

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