2015/04/27 - Fairways Guarantees - Three New Predefined Guarantee Filters

One of our customers recently (and rightfully so) complained about the lack of an “Effective Guarantee Filter”. When he mentioned this it was obvious to us that such a filter would benefit all our customers and ease their daily use of Koesio! So we added it. Three times.

Actually we added three different filters:

    • Effective guarantees
    • Effective issued guarantees
    • Effective received guarantees



Those three filters will let you have the list of your effective guarantees in one click. You can use those filters either on the Guarantees page (as in the screenshot below) or when creating a new report to focus your analysis on your effective guarantees (most of your users seems to target those guarantees, we really wonder why…).



And, for example, in the analysis module:

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