2016/01/15 - Fairways Guarantees - Microsoft Ends Support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10

As of January 12th 2016 Microsoft will only support (and update) the latest version of Internet Explorer. The latest version being IE 11 it basically means that Microsoft will no longer support IE 8, 9 or 10.

What does this mean?

This means that older version of IE will not be updated anymore and that users of those versions will get neither security nor performance updates. As time goes those using these out-dated versions of IE will be left behind as the net continues to evolve.

What does it mean for me when using Fairways Guarantees?

We, when adding new features, spend a lot of time to ensure that the service works nicely with all major browsers available on the market. Still, and as always, development is a trade-off between time and resources so we try to focus on browsers that let us offer the best possible experience to our users and less on those that either don’t respect the web standards or are inefficient when rendering our work.

While Microsoft did a great work to improve the quality of IE in it latest versions let just say that we are more than happy that IE 8 and 9 especially get discontinued :-). Of course we will still support those browsers as best as we can but as time goes by we will spend less and less time to overcome their limitations.

What to do if I am using IE 8, 9 and 10?

Best-case scenario you are able to install the latest version of IE on your system (IE 11). Just do it and you will get a much improved web experience!

Second possibility, your company IT manages your computer. They will, baring other technical issues, probably come to see you sooner or later to deploy the latest version of IE supported on your Windows (depending of your setup this operation could be done remotely as well). You can even ask them to update your IE (if you qualify for an update that id).

Third possibility, you can’t have IE 11 installed either because your Windows is not supporting the latest version of IE or because an older version of IE is mandatory in your organisation to allow access to a legacy application (it happens). Our advice is to install the latest version of Firefox or Chrome for those two browsers are the best available browsers today and to use them as your default browser when you can.

As a reminder we recommend the latest versions of either Firefox or Google Chrome when working Fairways Guarantees. As of now those two browsers are widely regarded as the best one to be on the web and, more importantly, are updated regularly (for improved security, new features and enhanced performance) thus ensuring that you get the best of all the services you are using daily on the web. Other browsers are supported but some features might be less pleasant.

You can find the official news here.

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