2017/07/17 - Fairways Guarantees - Requesters Module

More and more of our large customers, having some users that rarely use the system but to request new guarantees a few times a year (let’s call them Requesters), asked for a simpler version of the system aimed at occasional users that connect to the system only to create new requests. The Requesters Module is our answer to this functional need and it will be up and running as of tomorrow.

With its simpler interface and a limited but useful set of features focussed on simplifying the requesters’ work this new module should even accelerate the deployment and use of the solution across a group with many users, ultimately easing the communication among all the parties involved and speeding the things up. The requesters module works seamlessly with the improved Notification module and will let requests managers be notified in real-time of new requests!

Using the Dashboard the requesters can create new requests, track their existing ones or edit them. You can see on the upper part of the dashboard that categories regroup the requests by their corresponding status (Draft, Incomplete, Pending validation, Issued…).



A simple form let the requester create a new request with the most basic information. You can configure what custom properties, if any, should be displayed in this form and we added a “DRAFT” status to the guarantees life cycle to allow for requesters to save a version of their requests even though they don’t have all the required information so that they can edit them and fill the blank at a later time.



And the very same form can be used to edit the request. Of course all the actions are available only if the user has the corresponding credentials.
As usual the user can manage the document attached to the request and/or add comment. It is also possible to prevent the edition of the request when it has been validated by your back-office (for example).



If you think that this feature could be of interest to you send us a mail to get a demo of this new module and see how it could simplify both the way your project manager (or whoever is allowed to request guarantees in your organisation) notifies its needs and the way the authorized users process them.

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