2017/07/18 - Fairways Guarantees - Summer Release

While we were quite silent for the past few months we kept working (hard of course!) to improve the service and to add new useful features.
You will find below information two posts about our new Notification Module and Requesters Module now available in production. *Please note that we keep improving the system by delivering maintenance versions every fortnight (those versions add small evolutions and fix, when needed, minor bugs). *

Even though we will take a small break to enjoy some deserved vacations you can be sure that we’re working hard on new features that will even more improve you daily use of the service. Among those subjects we can name:

    • Single Sign On / Identity Federation (to delegate the authentication mechanism to your own service)
    • Guarantees Life-cycle Customization (to let you define what information are mandatory for which status)
    • Huge evolutions of our Guarantees module (improved Intra-group guarantees management, a revamped fee module…)



As usual let us know what you think of those new features and, should you have any idea about how to improve the service, small or big, fire it!

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