2017/07/20 - Fairways Guarantees - Mergefields Are Replaced with Plain Text in Document Generation Module

As you probably know Fairways Guarantees is able to generate standard Microsoft Word document based on your template and the information found in your guarantees. This feature lets you quickly design documents that can, in turn, become your organisation standards to execute some actions (ex. letter of order, extend or pay…). You can, of course, add has many templates as you need (by bank, by purpose…). You will find this feature in the Action menu of the Guarantee Details (Generate Document and Template Library sections).

We choose, at the time, to use Microsoft Word (docx) as the format to specify the templates as it let you design rich documents using a tool most of you already mastered. Still, with this feature being used for some time now, we found out (well, you told us) that we had three issues with the way we implemented it (and mostly with our choice of using MergeField to define the information to be replaced when generating the documents):

    1. Templates were tedious to create (insert field, mailing, MergeField…)
    2. Templates were tedious to maintain (who likes to edit MergeField…)
    3. Templates were, in some situations, not working as expected (and sometimes crashing!)



Point dully noted so we decided to replace the use of MergeFields to customize your templates by, simply, plain text surrounded by ${…}.
As an example you could add ${date.today} in your template to see the date of generation replacing the tag when the document generation. The same goes for ${guarantee.country} or ${guarantee.reference} and so on. You can access the list of all the fields available using the dedicated link in the gear menu of the Template Library. As a side note, and even if it is technical, let’s mention that the new implementation offers cleaner code, better performances and smaller memory footprint. All good!

We hope that you will enjoy the new format (actually we know you will as our consultants love it for it let them have better results with less hassle when designing specific templates). Last but not least your templates should have been migrated by our consulting team but some might have slipped through and still use the old MergeField mechanism. If you have such a template let us know and we will fix it for you (or you can do it yourself if you want to, basic plain text surrounded by ${…} in your document, it is that simple now!).

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