2017/08/29 - Fairways Guarantees - Improved Identity Management and Authentication Delegation

This evolution will be available in production September 26th, 2017. When the new mechanism is in place you will have to request a reset password for your old password will not be valid anymore.

As you know Finance Active is proud to provide its users with the highest possible level of security for all of its services. Most of the time the changes are made under the hood and have no other impact other than an improved security. From time to time though the evolutions require an action to be taken by our users and/or provide new opportunities. The change we detail below is one of those.

We worked this summer on a new mechanism to check the users’ identity (i.e. how Fairways Guarantees checks that the users that is login into the platform is who it says he is :-). We won’t delve here into to much details for security reasons (the less you speak about how you manage your security the better!) but let us mention four consequences that result of this new mechanism:

1. Your login is now your email

Until now you were using a specific login to connect to Fairways Guarantees.* As of now you will have to use your email to log into the system.* As a matter of fact it was already possible for most users to connect to the service using their emails so some of you might not be impacted at all but, for all the others, your email is your new login!

2. Your old password is now obsolete

Nobody at Finance Active (or elsewhere) has access to an unencrypted version of your password! That’s a very good thing for both you and us but that prevented us to migrate your passwords to the new login mechanism.

The consequence is that once the mechanism is in place (see the date at the top of this post) your old password will be obsolete and won’t allow you to connect to the service. To restore your connection you will have to request a reset of your password using the dedicated link on the login page. Once your password is reset your are good to go as usual!

3. Your Identity will be shared by both Fairways Debt & Fairways Guarantees

For those of you that use both Fairways Debt and Fairways Guarantees the good news is that both systems will now share their login mechanism. In other words your password will be valid for both services. Likewise, if you reset your password in one system the modification will be valid for both services.

This mechanism should be extended to Fairways Change within a few months. That means that, if you have access to all three platforms, your will be using a unique password to connect to Fairways Debt, Fairaways Guarantees and Fairways Change.

4. Authentication Delegation

Last but not least Fairways Guarantees is now able to delegate the identity management to another service. That basically means that we can configure FWG to contact another service (namely your company directory) to check if a user is who is say he is. The benefit is twofold:

1. Your company password becomes the password you use to connect to Fairways Guarantees (one less password to remember…)

2. Your access to Fairways Guarantees is tied to your company credentials(simplifying the day to day administration of the service when it comes to user management)

Please note that the delegation mechanism is compatible with most identity management systems available on the market, that it is of course fully secured and implements all the expected standards (we don’t, for example, have access to your company password when you connect to the service)!

The authentication delegation policy is global for an account and requires some configuration both from Finance Active and from your company IT to be effective. Should you be interested you can contact your sale or your consultant to know more about this great feature!

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