2018/09/11 - Fairways Guarantees - Simpler and Faster Payment Monitoring

Fairways Guarantees enables you to monitor the fees you pay (or bill ;-) for quite a long time now. We have a lot in the pipe for this part of the service, and we initiated by adding a new page that, while quite simple, should save you a lot of time!

Until now, when you wanted to monitor your fees, you either had to generate a report or go check the fees on each individual guarantee. That was fun (or not) but most of you, who don’t even have a high count of guarantees, described this process as… tedious. Actually, it was.

Our idea, as always, is to help you in your day-to-day work on the guarantees and to help you save time. In that situation, we are going to simplify the monitoring of your fees. To do so, we decided to add a new page dedicated to this mission. This new page is, if activated on your account, available from the Guarantees page.


The link to access the payment tracking page in the Guarantees list.


The page, while quite simple, basically lists all the fees for a given period (you can apply a filter on various criteria if you want), and lets you do a few major actions on the payments. You can:

    • Tag a payment (unchecked, checked, paid, gap found)
    • Update the information for a specific payment (amount, date…)
    • Open the underlying guarantee in a new tab by clicking on its reference in the list
    • Export all the filtered payments in an Excel file to do some manual consolidation, if required (or for any other use that you might have!)



No need to go to each individual guarantee to do any of those actions, and that should save you a lot of time! And we mean A LOT!



This feature belongs to a brand new fee monitoring module and we have more to come very soon on this part (hint: we will talk of invoice generation in a very near future). This new module will be activated on your account as we deploy it, but feel free to ask more information to your assigned consultant, they will be more than happy to help. As usual, let us know what you think of this new feature using the “Contact” form on the right of the service.


The usual modification pop-in for periodic payments
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