2014/09/19 - Fairways Guarantees - Maintenance

New features:

    • The LYD is now supported (Libyan Dinar, no historical data as of now)
    • We increased the number of digits allowed in the rate when defining periodic fees
    • More and more information is logged when modifying guarantees (such as fee rate, frequency…)
    • Default values for periodic fees are now closer to market usage (start of period, nominal term…)
    • Countries are now sorted alphabetically – don’t laugh… We were taking into account case, accents and so on in the previous version :-)




    • Problem when accessing a guarantee without an effective date
    • The amounts displayed in the “Limit report” are always computed on the generation date
    • Unable to add comments, files, events… if there are users not yet activated in the account
    • Large guarantee description takes more than the available space in the minimised header (in the guarantee details)



Behind the scene:

  • Server monitoring has been enhanced
  • Performances have been improved when accessing the details of a third party
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