2015/04/09 - Fairways Guarantees - Analysis Module in BETA

Here we are, unveiling the new reporting module we’ve been working on for a few months now. This module lets you create your own Excel reports, save them for later reuse and archive their results. We will discuss below the why, what and how of this new module. Please note that we are first releasing it in “Beta” status, so that you can start using it and give your feedback before we put the finishing touches.



Why this new module?

The first reason is pretty simple: because you asked for it! Simply put, lots of our users asked for a new feature that would let them design their own reports. The point behind this request was dual: first everybody wants to display the same information but… and second you wanted to be able to customize your reports according to your needs without Finance active in the loop (whether for a quick analysis or a monthly report). The Analysis Module was built to address both of those points.

The second reason is that, even though the current reporting module is getting the job done, we felt we could go further. The new Analysis Module, built on the foundations laid by the current reporting module, is what we envisioned from the start. Of course, there are so many things to do when building a service like Koesio that we had to make choices and be patient, but… here we are now!

The final reason is that, thanks to the new consolidation engine that we had to build to populate the reports, the Analysis Module is paving the way to other great features in a not so distant future (but that’s for another post ;-).

What can I do with this new module?

Some vocabulary first:

    • report is the result of an analysis
    • template is a report layout saved for later reuse
    • saved report is the result of an analysis stored for further reference



With this Beta version you can create a “Spot Report” on Guarantees!



And configure the report:

    • Choose the analysis date to be used
    • Choose, if needed, a filter to narrow your analysis
    • Choose the type of analysis (summary / breakdown)
    • Choose the currency to be used in the report for consolidation
    • Choose the type of exchange rates to be used (market / group rates)
    • Choose the columns to be displayed in reports (Group / Detail / Indicator)





Once the report is generated you can:

    • Export the results in an Excel file
    • Save the results for further reference (Cf. Report Library)
    • Save the designed template for later reuse (cf. Template Library)
    • Run the report with modified parameters (date, currency, columns…)
    • Save a modified template (or use “save as” to keep the original template)





On the “Report Library” page you can:

    • Open a saved report
    • Modify the information of a report (name, description)
    • Delete a saved report because you, for example, no longer need it
    • Add a new report (either one generated by Koesio that you may have modified or one that comes from another source)
    • Search for a specific report (by name or comment)





On the “Template Library” page you can:

    • Create a new report
    • Run a report from an existing template
    • Modify the information of a template (name, description)
    • Duplicate a template out of an existing template to modify it
    • Delete a template because you, for example, no longer need it
    • Search for a specific report (by name or comment)





And finally on the “Group Exchange Rates” page you can:

    • See your exchange rates for a given date
    • Add group exchange rates one by one or by using an Excel template
    • Export the exchange rates for a given date or for a given currency pair




The displayed rates are not valid rates


Please note that:

    • You navigate in the Analysis Module by using the “gear” menu on the top right
    • When you modify the filter in the report result page, it has no impact on the original filter you selected when creating the report
    • As of now, your templates are private (no other users will be able to access them)
    • As of now, your saved reports are private (no other users will be able to access them)



What’s next?

A lot! This is only the beginning. We have a lot more in stock for this module. Just get a quick overview of what is yet to come:

    • New indicators
    • New report types (period, periodic)
    • New report sources (authorizations, fees…)
    • The possibility to share templates / saved reports
    • Hierarchical consolidation with saved configurations
    • Probably bug fixes and improvements as soon as we receive your feedback!



Keep in mind that the “Beta” tag means that it can (will?) bug from times to times and that nothing is definitive until we decide it is! Things can be added, things can be removed and, most certainly, things will be modified. Last but not least, the figures that the module computes aren’t validated either… Not to say that they are false but you shouldn’t consider them as trustworthy as the rest of the site! Have fun and tell us what you think of it!

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