2015/04/17 - Fairways Guarantees - Improvements for Guarantee Search

We made some improvements to the “Guarantees” page. When you search for guarantees (using a filter and/or the textual search), you will now have the number of guarantees matching your criteria displayed in the filter zone (in our example 4 guarantees out of 65 are matching both the Issued filter and are referring to Graham as specified in the textual search).

While we were working on this part, we answered the recurrent request to enhance the textual search. By typing in the textual search, Koesio will now look for the desired info in (In bold the new search options.):

    • The guarantee reference
    • The external reference
    • The currency of the guarantee
    • The country of the guarantee
    • The business unit of the guarantee
    • The effective date of the guarantee
    • The nominal expiry date of the guarantee
    • The name of the applicant
    • The name of the guarantor
    • The name of the beneficiary
    • The name of the local guarantor
    • The name of the security applicant




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