2015/11/03 - Fairways Guarantees - Analysis Module: Fees

The spot reports are now available for the fees. You will find below the steps to create such a report and, as usual, let us know what you think of this new feature and what you expect to see here. The reports on a given period are on their way and should be available before the end of the month.

First you have select your report scope and type (let’s use “Fees” and “Spot Report” for now):


Next you decide what should be displayed in the report the same way you would have for a report on guarantees:


You execute the report and check the results. All usual features (save template, save template as…) are available:


Notice the dedicated filter criteria added to help you keep only the payment relevent to the analysis date:


Last but not least a raw export option has been added to the analysis module letting you export the data without formatting or grouping and work on them using your favorite spreadsheet. While it is currently working for the guarantees data source a small bug prevent it to work as expected for the fees but we’re working on it!


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