2015/11/04 - Fairways Guarantees - Custom Security Roles

Fairways Guarantees security roles (a.k.a profiles) can now be customized. Through the new “Roles” module (available in the “Administration” menu for those of you with the required credentials), you can now define what rights are allowed (or excluded) for each role. You can even create your own roles to match your organization’s needs should you ask for more granularity than what is provided by default!

Until now a user could have one or more of the six profiles defined by Finance Active (Applicant, Back office, Approver, Analyst, Auditor and Account Manager). Those profiles were fixed in scope and, as more and more of our customers were deploying Fairways Guarantees in their organizations, we figured (and heard as well actually!) that this mechanism was too much of a constraint; moreover, since most of the new features ended up being added to the Approver profile, it was time for a change!

By creating your own roles you can define very precisely what users can and can’t do. Please remember that a user can have more than one role so a good practice is to create roles that match functions (otherwise you would have as many roles as users and that would be quite tedious to manage). Of course, should one (or more) user have a very specific function, you can create a specific role just for him (or them)!

This new feature has no impact for you as we have migrated the existing profiles to the corresponding roles. The only difference is that role customization is now available and that we used the new infrastructure to add some long requested features such as:

    • The possibility to prevent the creation of third parties except for some users
    • The possibility to deactivate a module for some users (Authorizations anybody?)
    • The possibility to restrain some users from modifying guarantee references



Last but not least role modifications are enforced in real time and we made a thorough audit of all our pages to ensure that credentials were even more enforced than before. As usual if you find some (rare always possible) oddities let us know!

Please note that on top of the six roles created from the old profiles you will find a new “Administrator” role that Fairways Guarantees will not let you modify or delete. This role is meant as a fallback that authorizes a minimal access to the system if, for example, all the other roles are deleted by mistake. Fairways Guarantees will always ensure that at least one Administrator is defined for a given account.




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