2016/11/09 - Fairways Guarantees - Latest Additions

You will find listed below some of the additions we’ve made to the service during the last few weeks. As usual let us know what you think of them and what feature you would like to see implemented to improve Fairways Guarantees even more!


- Payment validation should be way faster now! The lag or random error messages that some of you were experimenting should be gone.



- The payment status are now exported along all the information in the guarantee details (whether you chose the pdf, doc or docx format).




New commitment indicators are available when you are doing spot reports on the guarantees. Those new commitment indicators work on the calendar year (while the older ones are working on rolling years) and are available both in guarantee and report currencies.
Please note that the commitment indicators for less than a year (either for calendar or rolling year) includes the expired but not released guarantees.



While we were working on the indicators we took some time to improve the indicators ordering. Some should be better organise now but, more importantly, we are now able to order them the way we want!


As you know your data security is paramount to us. While Fairways Guarantees is already very secure we took a few steps to enhance its security and that of your data even more.

First we improved your passwords encryption by coupling the use of a stronger algorithm to a rather long salt.
- The stronger algorithm translates in higher costs in time and resources to break the encryption
- The unique (per user) and randomly generated salt adds two benefits to the encryption mechanism – First it allows for a longer encryption key thus upping even more the costs to break it – Second it makes the encryption key user specific meaning that should someone break one password he would have to start from scratch to break another one

Those two features make your password both more secure and more expensive to break!Please note that the new password mechanism will be used for your password the next time you change it for we don’t have access to your non-encrypted password (the action is available in your preferences!). As a matter of fact, and whatever your company policy is on the matter, it is a good practice to change your password from times to times!

On top of that we implemented some new tricks to secure even more the communication between your browsers and our servers but we won’t, for security reasons, detail this part. Be ensured that security is taking very seriously at Finance Active and we are working daily to stay on the cutting edge!

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