2017/09/27 - Fairways Guarantees - New Authentication Module Up and Running on Our Demo Servers

This is it! Our new Authentication Module is now in production on all our Demo servers!
To know more about the ins and out of this feature you can check the news published on August, 29th.

We’ve done everything to ensure that the transition to the new authentication mechanism would be painless for our users but the subject is still quite complicated (and let’s say we are picky with security matters) so we decided to deploy it on our demo servers first. So far so good! If we don’t detect any issue with it we will deploy it on all our production instances on October, 12h (7 PM, Paris Time).

As a reminder the impact for you is twofold:
- Your login will now be your email (that shouldn’t be an issue for most of you are already doing so)
- Your will have to request a reset password as we had no means to transfer your password to the new mechanism

Once your have gone through the password reset you will be able to connect to the service as usual! Still, don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any trouble connecting to the system! As usual, let us know what you think of the new possibilities of the module (like, for example, the possibility to delegate your authentication to your company SI (and we already have clients using Okta or Microsoft ADFS using Identity Federation).

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