2018/09/07 - Fairways Guarantees - Faster Guarantee Validation (and Release)

Until recently, moving a “REQUESTED” guarantee to “EFFECTIVE” was a two-step process:

    1. First, you had to accept the guarantee (its status changes from REQUESTED to ACCEPTED).
    2. Then, you had to make the guarantee effective (its status changes from ACCEPTED to EFFECTIVE).



It did the job, but at the same time, many users, who had both the rights to accept guarantees and to make them effective, felt it was cumbersome as one step (marking the guarantee as accepted) could be avoided. Rejoice for we heard you and improved the mechanism!

From now on, if you have the rights to accept a guarantee AND to make it effective, you will be able to skip the intermediate status thus making the guarantee effective in a single action!

Of course, a user allowed to make a guarantee effective but lacking the credentials to accept them will first need someone else to accept a requested guarantee before the system lets them mark the guarantee as effective.

Your main request was on this operation but we added the same behavior for the transition from “EFFECTIVE” to “RELEASED”. No need to mark the guarantee first at “RELEASING” anymore if you have both the rights to mark them as “RELEASING” and “RELEASED.” You will save clicks (and time!) on that one too.


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