2018/12/12 - Fairways Guarantees - More Flexible Document Types

It is now possible, for each customer account, to add new document types or to hide existing ones. This configuration enables Fairways Guarantees to better match your workflow, when you need to add specific documents with a specific label or do not want to see all the existing ones when you only need a few of them.

As a reminder, the existing document types are the following:

    • Act or Guarantee
    • Amendment
    • Approval Minutes
    • Bank Statement
    • Build Amendment
    • Build Contract
    • Build Permit
    • Collective Account
    • Contract
    • Counter-guarantee
    • Document Type
    • Financial Fees
    • Group Agreement
    • Guarantee Text
    • Letter of Order
    • Other
    • Release
    • Request Form
    • Signing Authority
    • SWIFT Document
    • Worksite Guide
    • Worksite Order
    • Worksite Order List

Below is an account with only five document types allowed so that the list is simpler to use each time a document is added.

Note: The document types are now sorted alphabetically.

Adding new types requires a small validation by your consultant, but hiding existing ones (as long as they are not already in use in your account) is purely a configuration setting. In both situations, the process is the same, please contact your consultant!

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