Generate a Document

In Fairways Debt, you can edit printable PDF documents, e.g. payment invoices and transaction confirmations, using specific custom templates.




Navigate to the Debt & Derivatives Application
  1. Log in to your Fairways Debt account, e.g.
  2. Select a customer account.
  3. Navigate to Applications Applications.png > Debt & Derivatives.


Generate a...
... Transaction or Covenant Document
  1. Open a transaction.
  2. Click to generate a document applied to:
    1. Transactions: Add Add_Blue_White.png > Generate Confirmation
    2. Covenants: Add Add_Blue_White.pngCovenant Template


The relevant document displays.



... Payment Document
  1. Open a transaction.
  2. Click Generate Invoice Document_Blue.png beside the relevant payment date.


  1.  Complete the form with all relevant details.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.

Field Description
Template Content and design of the document.
Document Type Document category in the Documents module.
File Prefix Document name.
  1. Click Next to continue.


  1. Click Preview to display the document, if relevant.
  2. Enter a comment, if relevant.
  3. Click Publish for All Users to generate the document.


The document is now available in the transaction documents...


... and in the Documents module.


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