Create a Document Template

Document templates in Fairways Guarantees enable you to customize the layout and content of your documents related to guarantees.


Navigate to the Template Library
  1. Log in to Fairways Guarantees.
  2. Navigate to Guarantees.
  3. Click Settings Setting_Gray.png > Template Library (Guarantees).



Design a Document Template
  1. Click Settings Setting_Gray.png > Download Key List.


The key list includes variables, i.e. items that update depending on the guarantee from which a document is generated.


  1. Open a document from a word processor.
  2. Add and design:
    • Fixed contents.


    • Dynamic contents:
      1. Copy the relevant keys from the downloaded list, e.g.
      2. Paste the keys in the document, surrounding the keys with a dollar sign and curly brackets ${ }, e.g. ${}.


  1. Save your document in DOCX.

Note: Ensure the revision tracking feature in the document template is disabled before saving. The revision tracking of the word processor can distort the document layout when generated.


Add the Document Template to the Library
  1. Click Add Document Template Optim_Add.png.


  1. Complete the form with all relevant details.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.




Document template name.

Note: You can also use keys from the downloaded list, inserting a dollar sign and curly brackets, e.g. guarantee.reference becomes ${guarantee.reference}.


Note: Only documents for guarantees are currently available.


Additional details about the document template.

Filter Guarantees

Define which guarantees this template can apply to.

Note: See Create a Custom Filter to configure filters for your document template.

  1. Browse, or drag and drop your document template to the form.
  2. Click Add Document.


The document template is added to the library.




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