2020/03/24 - Entity/Company Perimeters

When creating an entity (also known as company), a specific perimeter is now automatically created and associated with that entity.

This entity/company perimeter is similar to the generic All Access perimeter: all business units, countries, and purposes are accessible. However, as mentioned, the entity perimeter is specific to the entity associated, i.e. only available for that entity.

The entity perimeter name always inherits from the entity name, adding up an asterisk *.


If you edit the entity name, the entity perimeter name automatically updates.

If you delete the entity, the entity perimeter also automatically deletes. If the entity perimeter is still associated with operations or authorizations, first dissociate them to delete the entity and its entity perimeter.


Both generic perimeters and entity/company perimeters are available in the Perimeter Management section.



User previously associated with entities are now associated with matching entity perimeters.


See Create a Perimeter and Create an Entity for more details.

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