2021/02/09 - Fairways Guarantees - 21.2.0 - Map Custom E-Caution Columns with Fairways Guarantees

You are used to importing e-cautions as guarantees into Fairways Guarantees. The generic values of your E-Cautions file are already mapped with specific fields in Fairways Guarantees.


Now, you can even map custom columns of your E-Cautions file with custom properties in Fairways Guarantees.


For example, our E-Cautions file includes two custom columns: AW and AX.



We then match these two custom columns with two custom properties of Fairways Guarantees, here Attorney and Supervisor.

Note: Only custom properties associated with the Text type are mappable.



When importing the E-Cautions file to Fairways Guarantees, the values of our custom columns fill out the relevant custom properties in Fairways Guarantees.



See E-Cautions for more details.

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