2023/09/07 - Fairways Debt - Antivirus Analysis on New Document Upload

In Fairways Debt, you can add documents by uploading the corresponding files to the portfolio’s transactions, for example, but also to the account administration settings.

From now on, an antivirus analysis is performed on each new document during the upload.

The antivirus status displays the results of this analysis, as shown on the screenshots below:

  • On the portfolio's transaction:


  • On the account administration settings:


  • On the integration report after mass modifying transactions:


  • On the integration report after updating transactions using XML:


Note: The antivirus analysis feature will be available at a later date for this function. Please disregard the antivirus status currently displayed.


Warning! Any document tagged as infected or in error by the antivirus analysis will not be available for download.

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