2023/12/07 - Public REST APIs Quarterly Update

Hive Fairways Debt ecosystem provides a number of public REST APIs. Please refer to our official developer API documentation website for further information: https://developer.financeactive.com/api.html

The list of APIs referred in this documentation is the current and comprehensive list of the public and supported APIs.

Therefore, using any endpoint not listed in this documentation is considered unsupported: such endpoints may be modified or removed without notice. Please also be aware that these endpoints are not part of our QA process.

Each time a new version of one public API is published, the previous version of this API remains supported for one year, before it becomes fully deprecated and thus unsupported. There is no limit regarding the number of versions for the same API which can be supported at a given time if several versions are published throughout a short period of time.

APIs added in Q4 2023

No APIs added in Q4 2023.

WARNING: API deprecation announcement started Q1 2023 / Removal Q1 2024

Below is the list of APIs deprecated in Q1 2023. However, these remain fully supported until Q1 2024. After this period, they will be removed without further notice.

  • /api/v1/system_administration/accounts
  • /api/v1/system_administration/users/me
  • /api/v1/system_administration/accounts/{accountId}/users/{userId}
  • /api/v1/system_administration/accounts/{accountId}/users/{userId}/permissions
  • /api/v1/system_administration/accounts/{accountId}/entities
  • /api/v1/system_administration/accounts/{accountId}/organizations/{organizationId}/entities

REMINDER: APIs reaching end of deprecation cycle - Subject to removal without further notice

Below is the list of long deprecated APIs. These are subject to removal without further notice:

  • /api/debt/v3/{account_code}/integrations/xml-v3
  • /api/debt/v3/{account_code}/integrations/xml-v2
  • /api/debt/v3/{account_code}/integrations/xml-v1

The current version of the same API is as follows: /api/debt/v3/{account_code}/integrations

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