Municipal Commercial Paper Programme

Through the Municipal CP Programme, Fairways Debt can manage ‘Municipal Commercial Papers’.
An Municipal CP Programme is a financial envelope which defines the global characteristics of the single certificates (including the maximum authorized amount of the program).

In Fairways Debt, the Municipal CP Programme’s Counterparty can be a Bank or an Internal Counterparty.

Classification in Fairways Debt

Transaction Nature is ‘FACILITY’.
Transaction Type is ‘MUNICIPAL CP PROGRAMME’.

Input form

The input form to create new Municipal CP Programmes contains the following fields (the detailed description of all the fields can be found in the Reference page).


Field Comments
Transaction Reference None.
External Reference None.
Maximum Outstanding Amount Maximum authorized amount of all the bonds issued through the Issuing Program.
Currency Reference Currency.
Borrower Only entities in the current organization that the current user can manage.
Lender None.
Rate Type Fixed or Floating. Information used for analysis computation purposes.


Trade Date
Start Date
Maturity Date

Default Values

The fields of the ‘Default Values’ section are used to pre-fill the input form when a new Certificate is booked.

The following default values are available for Municipal CP Programmes:

Field Comments
Day Count Convention Actual360 by default.
Adjustment Following by default.
Payment Date Adjustment Following by default.
Rounding Mode None.
In advance Interest Payment Active by default. See Certificate of Deposit

Underlying Transaction

Municipal CP Programmes allow to book new Municipal Commercial Papers.

Life Cycle Actions

Municipal CP Programmes support any Life Cycle Actions:

Available Indicators

Issuing Programs’ indicators are computed as follows:

    1. Single computation for each certificate of the issuing program
    2. Computation of the aggregated value (for example a sum, in the case of the ‘Outstanding Balance’ indicator).


Spot Indicators

Accrued Fees
Accrued Interest
Capital Commitment
Clean Market Value
Outstanding Transaction
Equivalent Current Rate
Interest Rate Sensitivity (100 bp)
Mark To Market
Outstanding Balance
Outstanding Balance (Start of Day)
Rate Commitment
Term To Maturity
Weighted Average Remaining Term

Periodic Indicators

Accrued Fees at Period Start
Accrued Fees at Period End
Accrued Fees over the Period
Accrued Interest at Period Start
Accrued Interest at Period End
Average Outstanding Balance
Average Rate
Current Rate (30/360) at Period Start
Current Rate (30/360) at Period End
Effective Rate (incl. Fees)
Fees Paid over the Period
Financial Costs (incl. Fees)
Interest Expense
Interest Paid over the Period
Outstanding Balance at Period Start
Outstanding Balance at Period Start (Start of Day)
Outstanding Balance at Period End (Start of Day)
Outstanding Balance at Period End
Principal Paid over the Period
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