Create a Guarantee

Create guarantees in Fairways Guarantees.



Create a Guarantee
  1. Navigate to Guarantees.
  2. Click Add Guarantee.


  1. Select the direction of the guarantee.


  1. Complete the form with all relevant details.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.

Field Description
Reference Code

Unique reference number, automatically generated by the system. The reference follows this format: {YEAR}.{GUARANTEES_GLOBAL_#####}

E.g. 2017.01895

Purpose Guarantee purpose.
Amount Currency and amount of the guarantee.
Description Additional details about the guarantee.
Document(s) Attach documents to the guarantee.
Applicant Each entity of the group can subscribe to a guarantee on behalf of one of its subsidiaries, which will be then considered as the applicant.

Party who receives the issued guarantee to be assured that they get what they ask.

The beneficiary has the right –under certain conditions– to call upon the guarantee.

Effective Date

If the guarantee is:

  • Direct: Date mentioned in the guarantee
  • Indirect: Date mentioned on the swift between the guarantor and the local guarantor.

In general, it is also the date from which bank fees are accrued.

Nominal Expiry Date Expiry date of the guarantee as defined in the contract. The guarantee period can be extended or reduced.
Users to Notify Users to receive email notifications when an event occurs. 
  1. Click Add Guarantee.


The new guarantee profile displays.



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