2017/06/27 - Fairways Debt - Summer Release

This summer, Fairways Debt comes in a brand new version that is definitely built around two essential keywords: flexibility and usability. Discover the features and improvements that will help you to meet all your financial management needs through a unique user experience. Get ready for holidays and for a new outstanding version of Fairways Debt!

New and Improved Features

Document Search Enhancements

The document module has been further developed in order to offer enhanced ergonomics and simplified search tools. Documents can now be easily sorted, searched and displayed thanks to an intuitive search bar, which allows you to apply filters according to specific criteria and values.

Facility Agreement Reporting

Facility agreements are now taken into account in Fairways Debt’s consolidated reports.

Transaction Management

Multi-Tranche Bonds

Fairways Debt is now able to support bonds issued in different tranches, which are merged together at the end of the period through a specific accrued interest calculation.

More Amortization Profiles

For even more flexibility and functionality, Fairways Debt now supports a wider range of amortization profiles, including, for example, different amortization and interest periods and payment frequencies.

Early Repayment with Reduced Term to Maturity

This release makes available a new early repayment mode, which allows reducing the term to maturity of the early-terminated transaction.

Fee and Limit Management in Envelope-Based Transactions

Fairways Debt now enables advanced management of limits and fees in issuing programs, cash facilities and credit facilities. For example, it is now possible for issuing programs and cash facilities to change the limit of the envelope even after the transaction is validated.

Guarantee and Collateral Reporting and Fee Management

The recent innovation of guarantees and collaterals keeps on developing with new reporting and fee management features.

New Transactions

Inflation Bonds, RPI-Linked Swaps and Loans

Fairways Debt’s portfolio management features become more and more comprehensive, with three new transaction types available upon request as beta features: RPI-linked swaps and loans as well as inflation bonds.

And Much More!

Fairways Debt now supports even more indexes – JPY LIBORCIBOR (IBOR DKK), PRIBOR and WIBOR – and currencies – KRWTRYTWDVNDMADHKD.

Coming Soon…

Fairways Debt is already getting ready to welcome new outstanding features after the summer! Among the most awaited developments, the financial leasing module and loans with multiple drawings.

Can’t wait to learn more? Don’t miss the fall release note!

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