2018/10/16 - Fairways Debt - Fall Release

The new Fall Release is live for Fairways Debt. Have a look below and discover our new features and developments.

Debt & Derivatives

Capitalize Upfront Fees of Facility Agreements

Add capitalized amounts in addition to paid amounts for upfront fees.

  1. Open a facility agreement.
  2. Open a tranche.
  3. Navigate to Fees.
  4. Click More > New Upfront Fee.
  5. Enable Capitalize to add capitalized amounts.

Automatically Calculate Paid Amounts for Upfront Fees of Facility Agreements

If a tranche has multiple borrowers/lenders associated, enter the paid amounts for the first third parties and automatically display the last paid amount.

1. Open a facility agreement.
2. Open a tranche.
3. Navigate to Fees.
4. Click More > New Upfront Fee.
5. Enter an upfront amount.
6. Enter the paid amounts of the first borrowers/lenders.

7. Click > / < beside a blank paid amount to automatically calculate that paid amount.

Formula: Paid amount = Upfront amount – Sum of paid amounts already entered

In this example:

  • Borrowers: 1000 – 300 – 200 = 500
  • Lenders: 1000 – 900 = 100

Delete Upfront Fee Details

Click the relevant fee to display its details.

The upfront fee details display.

Click Delete to delete the entire fee.

Create Non-Usage Fees

  1. Open a transaction.
  2. Open a tranche.
  3. Navigate to Fees.
  4. Click More > New Non-Usage Fee.
  • Enable Capitalized in the New Non-Usage Fees panel to capitalize non-usage fees.
  • Select a mode to calculate non-usage fees:
    — Undrawn Amount: Default mode. Formula: Limit amount – (Sum of drawings + Sum of capitalized fees + Sum of capital interest)
    — Undrawn Amount exc. Capitalized Flows: Capitalized fees and capital interest are ignored. Formula: Limit amount – Sum of drawings Note this calculation only impacts the fee calculation.
  • Non-usage fees display in the borrower and in the lender participations.
  • A deleted non-usage fee in a:
    • participation remains existing in a tranche.
    • tranche is also deleted in the participations.

Apply a Fee to All Transactions

You can now apply the same fees to multiple transactions.

  1. Open a transaction.
  2. Open a tranche.
  3. Navigate to Fees.
  4. Click Add > Apply to All Transactions.

Import Multiple Balances for Cash Facilities

You can simultaneously import multiple balances for cash facilities using two ways:

  • Within a specific cash facility
  • In the account administration 

Within a Specific Cash Facility

  1. Open a cash facility.
  2. Navigate to Balance.
  3. Click Manage Balances > Excel Export to download the template.
  4. Complete the template.
  5. Click Manage Balances > Excel Import to upload the template.

The balances display in the Balances list. 

In the Account Administration

  1. Navigate to Account Administration > Administration > Batch Update.
  2. Click Upload Transaction Integration File.
  3. Select Balance Amount for Cash Facilities.

Rounding Rules for Interest and Principal Amounts

Apply a different rounding rule for the interest amount and the principal amount, when editing a transaction.

1. Open a draft transaction.
2. Click Edit in the Characteristics section.

3. Select a rounding rule for the interest and principal amounts.

Rounding Rule Description
Nearest Unit Nearest superior or inferior unit
Rounding Up Nearest superior unit, no decimals
Rounding Down Nearest inferior unit, no decimals

Note: Leave the selection blank to apply the default rule: nearest cent.


No Rounding Rule Nearest Unit Round Up Round Down
0,13 0 1 0

Analysis & Reporting

Include Fees in Analyses

Include fees in two analyses:

  • Debt Maturity Profile
  • Interest Expense

Enter Accurate Dates for an Analysis Period

Three fields now replace the time frame of the Analysis Type so you can select a period more accurately and easily, using the combination of a:

  • Frequency
  • Start date
  • Year count 

New Design for “Periodic Cash Flows” Analysis 

Financial Calendar


  • Geneva

Coming Soon!

  • Group FX Rate: use custom FX rate for analyses and reporting
  • A new connector for Habitat Social, in partnership with Salvia
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