2016/09/26 - Fairways Debt - Fall Release

Back from holidays means – unfortunately – back to work, but with a new outstanding version of Fairways Debt! Have a look below and discover our new features and developments, which will make your user experience even more unique and effective.

Transaction Management

Bermudan Cancelable Swaps

Fariways Debt further develops the range of supported transactions with Bermudan cancelable swaps. Such contracts provide for the option to cancel the agreement on several different dates in the future based on a specific frequency. Also, the system allows you to manage such dates in the Calendar page and through the Notification Center.

Extended Interest Rates for Extendable Swaps

In the new Fairways Debt version, it is possible to apply extended interest rates to extendable swaps. The extended interest rate is a new rate – different from the one fixed by the initial contract – that will come into force at the same time as the extension of the swap.

Data for Assumed-Rate Phases

Yet another step forward in automation when it comes to assumed-rate phases: Fairways Debt now allows you to define specific borrower spreads for XML upload. These are then automatically used, and updated, in assumed future phases. Then, if the assumed future credit margin that applies to your loans changes, you just have to update the borrower spread (instead of changing each and every loan with an assumed phase).

Architecture Improvements

Single Sign-On

The SSO option is now available to log into your Fairways Debt’s account. Single sign-on allows you to access multiple independent software systems with a single ID and password. Available upon request, this option has been developed in compliance with the highest security standards.

Schedule Computation Engine

The schedule computation engine has been widely enhanced in order to improve accrued interest calculations in case of early repayment or rate changes during the calculation period.

…and Much More!

Dashboard Filter

Like the other sections of Fairways Debt, the dashboard is now provided with standard and specific filters to display only the information required according to the users’ needs.

Batch Import for Indexation Changes

For faster and more effective processes, indexation changes for standard loans can now be imported in batch mode via XML.

Custom Properties by Transaction Type

Custom properties have been further developed with the possibility to assign them automatically to a specific type of transaction.

Custom Properties for Third Parties

Always on the same feature, custom properties can now be associated with third parties.

Client Representative Role

A new user role has been introduced: client representatives are users who have the same access rights as administrators but in read-only mode (they cannot edit settings).

Coming Soon…

Stay tuned; many great features are yet to come! 

In the next releases, an advanced version of the notification center will be made available with a set of filters, which will allow you to select and manage notifications according to specific parameters. Moreover, the system will start to support guaranteed loans and a new financial asset management module will be implemented.

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