2019/03/11 - Fairways Debt - Loan, Drawing and Amortization

When you create a loan with drawings, you can now define if the loan includes amortization or not.


The Standard Loan Type label is now renamed as Availability Period.

Old Name New Name
Standard Loan Type Availability Period



There used to be two options: with or without drawings. Now, you can select between three options.

Old Name New Name
With drawings Yes, with amortization
Yes, without amortization
Without drawings No


  1. If the loan includes drawings and amortization, you need to select a consolidation date.


  1. If the loan includes drawings but no amortization, you need to select a date that ends the availability period.



Both consolidation start date and end of availability period are the last dates at which you can perform drawings.

Old Name New Name
Consolidation Start Date  End of Availability Period
Consolidation Start Date


Thanks to this distinction, your schedule now updates accordingly.

In these examples, both standard loans have a drawing on 04/01/2018, and a consolidation start date or an end of availability period on 04/01/2018.

Schedule of a standard loan with amortization:


Schedule of a standard loan without amortization:



See Create a Standard Loan for more details.

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