Create a Rounding Rule

Fairways Debt offers you to add rounding rules to apply to rates, so the rates can be as precise as you wish.

Note: Only account administrators can create rate rounding rules.


Navigate to the Account Administration
  1. Log in to your Fairways Debt account.
  2. Select a customer account.
  3. Navigate to Applications > Account Administration.


Create a Rate Rounding Rule
  1. Navigate to Account > Account Configuration.
  2. Click Add Rate Rounding Rule.


  1. Complete the form with all relevant details.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.




Rounding rule name.


Denominator in the fraction 1/N.

Note: The max. precision is 10.000.000.


Note: This field updates depending on the precision entered.

Fraction written in decimal numbers.

  1. Click Apply to create the rounding rule.

In this example, we are creating a rule rounding to the nearest cent or one-hundreth, i.e. 100. Therefore, 1/100 = 0,01


The new rate rounding rule is now available.




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