2022/09/21 - Fairways Debt - Email Notification Templates

Fairways Debt enables you to send email notifications to users when documents are uploaded.

As an account administrator, you can easily create templates using a set of embedded attributes to customize the content of the notification emails to meet your needs.

This feature allows you to customize the email notification by:

  • organization
  • transaction
  • user language
  • document type

Configuration Steps

As an account administrator, you must perform the following configuration steps:

  1. Design your own template in an HTML file format
  2. Upload the template from the account administration settings
  3. Associate the template with a document type from the account administration settings

Users with the notification for uploaded documents enabled in their settings will then receive the notification with this template each time such a document is uploaded.

See Create a Notification Template and Associate a Notification Template with a Document Type for more details.

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