2019/03/08 - Fairways Fx - Notify an Exposure or a Risk

You can now send custom email notifications through exposures and risks. When an exposure or risk of a specific party has a status that matches the event defined in a notification event, you are able to manually notify the relevant user groups.



For example, we define the exposure/risk can only be notified when it has just been created and if the party involved is either TED or Andromeda. If you create an exposure/risk with another party, you will not be able to notify that exposure. If you create an exposure/risk and validates it, you also miss the opportunity to notify it.



Note: To sum up, the possibility to notify only displays when all requirements of the event are met.


However, you can notify the same exposure/risk for the same event as many times as you want.



You can of course customize the notification email.



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