Entity Overview

Covenants in Fairways Debt are agreements specifying actions and thresholds that the borrower must perform and respect. Covenants protect lenders when borrowers do not meet their requirements.

Metrics define the measurements to meet in a covenant. Scenarios enable you to simulate different cases using different metrics.


  1. Log in to your Fairways Debt account, e.g. https://login.financeactive.com/eu, and select a customer account, if relevant.
  2. Navigate to Applications Applications.png > Debt & Derivatives > Entities.
  3. Click the relevant entity name.

In this example, we log in to the Main City account.


The entity overview displays.


The table is composed of:

  • Covenants: All covenants existing in the entity.
  • Metrics: Manual metrics and their manual data.
  • Indicators: Indicators used in the formulas with their actual values.





Simulate specific cases of metrics.


Group metrics by transaction, covenant, or lender.


Hover over a formula metric f(x) to display its formula.


Export data to Excel.

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