2022/09/13 - Fairways Debt - Compliance Calendar

The Compliance Calendar module in Fairways Debt helps you manage and monitor your specific internal workflow processes related to events (such as task management, email notifications, etc.) in the context of your covenants and portfolio's transactions.

As an account administrator, this module allows you to quickly and easily create and customize the task lists.

As an end-user, this module provides you with a workflow to monitor and update proactively the different task statuses.

Note: Contact your Finance Active consultant to enable the Compliance Calendar module.



As an account administrator, you must perform the following configuration steps:

As an end-user, once the module is configured, you can monitor your task lists in two different tabs:

  • either from the event detail on the Calendar tab
  • or in the Compliance Calendar tab

Refer to Monitor a Task List for more details.

Monitoring task lists also involves the following actions:

  • Assigning a task list to a user
  • Marking a task as completed or in progress in the task list
  • Adding comments to a task (only available on the Compliance Calendar tab)
  • Exporting your Compliance Calendar situation to an Excel file (only available on the Compliance Calendar tab)
  • If needed, postponing the effective date of a task list


As an account administrator, you can set up notifications to help users manage their tasks.

There are two types of notifications:

  • A task list event has been assigned to the user
  • A daily update of all the task lists


  • User 1: Barry Cuda
  • User 2: Murray Cod

Task assignment for a payment validation:

  • Verify the amount: to be done by Barry
  • Verify that the amount is available on the bank account: to be done by Murray
  • Generate the invoice: to be done by Barry
  • Send the invoice to the bank: to be done by Barry

 Once the account administrator has configured all the tasks:

  • Barry is the first assignee of the task list. Once he has marked the task as completed, Barry will then assign the task list to Murray.
  • Once Murray has marked the task as completed, he will assign the task list to Barry again.
  • Once Barry has marked all the remaining tasks as completed, the status of the task list will then switch to "Completed".

If the assignment notification is enabled for both of them, they will receive an email each time the task list is assigned to them.

See the Calendar section for more details.

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